Reunion 2011
If you missed it, you missed a great reunion.
It was at:
Crusin' 50's Diner
The following attended:
Bill & Karen McFadden, Bill & Judy Lane, Ken & Julie Stone,
Chuck Baad & Ceil Haky, Mike & Kay Webber, Dave & Pat Ellis & Tom Boyle.
Everyone had a great time as evidenced by the fact that
planning is already underway for
Reunion #4 - Friday, June 15th or Saturday, June 16th 2012
(These dates may change, if so you will have plenty of notice.)


Picture of Kenny's burger. Picture is blurred because
the table shook when they sat it in front of him.
After dinner we were invited to the home of Dave & Pat Ellis.
Guess what? Everyone showed up again.
We all wish to thank them for the kind invitation and to let them know how much we enjoyed being there. One more GUESS WHAT? Dave & Pat have offered to host Reunion #4 at their home.
We can't pass up a deal like that.
Not pictured Bill McFadden, Chuck Baad and Ceil Haky.
Bill was taking pictures & Chuck and Ceil arrived late and Bill forgot to get more pictures.