What ever happened to them?

Remember when "Gay" meant happy? I do, and I sure wish those days would come back!
I know there are "gay's" and "lesbian's" out there I see them all the time, hell,
I can't miss them. I don't need them to wave a "fag flag" in my face to call my attention to the fact and I don't need a gazillion TV Shows to prove the fact either.
I'm not raising a "Heterosexual Flag" to alert my neighbors to the fact that I'm "straight", (but I sure am tempted to design one and fly it right next to my American Flag) they can figure out that I am when they see me "a male" and my wife "a female" walking down the street with our children. Our children from our union as Husband and Wife.
Yes, husband and wife, all legal like, with a legal Marriage License, (you know, the kind the law recognizes) and a legal Wedding, (you know the kind GOD recognizes).
Oh I know, you were born that way, and you can't help it. 
You WERE NOT born with any special rights!!!
You were not born with the "RIGHT" to get married to another male
or another female, nor were you born with
the "RIGHT" to bring children into your lives to ruin theirs.
I have been taught to love the homosexual and hate homosexuality, but I have
to tell you, the homosexuals are really making it difficult for me to maintain.
To those homosexuals that have the common sense to not flaunt their homosexuality in the face of everyone. I commend you, I know your out there also, I believe your dealing with a nightmare, and that if you could snap your fingers and have it disappear, you would.
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