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Family Owned Since 1970
Northern OH and Western PA
Flags add a wonderful dimension
to your home or business.
It is important to keep your Flagpole
and Hardware looking good
and operating properly.
Yet our Flags are subjected to year
round torture from the elements.
Whipping winds, freezing and thawing, destructive and fading UV rays,
and rain, are just a few of these.
Slowly, over time, the effects
of the weather add up.
Then one day you look up and say,
"Oh, we have to do something about this".
Let us help renew your Flag display to the beauty and grandeur of when it was new.
Give us a call and put our experience
to work for you.
Residential & Commercial

No job too small.
Fully Insured
3529 W. 118th St.
Cleveland, Ohio  44111
Call or E-Mail for
Free Estimate
TEL. (216) 476 - 2861
FAX (216) 476-0037
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Flying High and Looking Good
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Installation, Painting,
Repair & Maintenance

Painting, Repair & Maintenance

Smoke Stacks
Water Tanks
TV Towers, etc.


E-Mail us with your questions,
further information or quotes.

Cleveland & Cuyahoga County

Akron, Canton, Columbus, Dover
Lorain, Medina, Painesville, Toledo, Warren, Youngstown,
and all of Northern Ohio.

Buffalo, Erie & Pittsburg.