I think I had more pictures but don't know what happened to them
I believe the extra pictures of Union Station
should remind me that this was absolutely, positively,
the very last train trip that I will be taking!
Mom at Captain's Dinner
The Fascination
Our Table
Our Stateroom
Dad & Mom going to Nassau
Mon & Dad with "?", your guess is as good as ours.
Note "authentic" costume shoes.
Tour Bus 05/04/10
Washington Memorial w/who knows
Chopper in front of W M
Chopper in front of W M
Some Building
Union Station
Mom resting
Mom just found out we were going to dinner.
Me too!
Parrots at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
Plant Life at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
Ducks at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
Karen at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
Some kind of animal at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
Karen again at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
Another Parrot at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
Peacock at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
Same Peacock at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
Karen is walking back in there somewhere
Karen & The Peacock at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
Flamingo's at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
More Parrots at Ardastra Gardens & Zoo
Hey Lady, you got bugs in there?
Like the sign says
Same sign without close-up shot
Close-up shot of girl on top deck of ship docked next to us
Karen and "Daisy"  Substitute
Stewards made animals with towels each night
Bridge we went under on return to Jacksonville
Karen in her favorite place on ship
Karen's last look from her favorite place
This is what she was seeing
Karen taking last look from stateroom before disembarking ship
Palace theater where we awaited our turn to disembark
More of Palace Theater
Union Station Main Hall Entrance
Inside Union Station
Karen killing time till tour of DC
Another shot of Union Station
I could not figure why this was named "Old Post Office"
It should be just Post Office and the newer one should be "New Post Office"
When they built it, did they say, "you know someday we might build
another Post Office, maybe we should name this one Old Post Office".
Capitol with Tourists - Karen is on far right next to fence
Another statue
Our Tour Guide "Rick", Karen and another lady with our tour
Another Building
Union Station AGAIN
Freedom Bell
I think it's Columbus in front of, where else, Union Station
Street Vendor - His bicycle was chained to post to his left
Street Vendor - Shoes had springs in heels
Karen and rest of tour group coming back from walking tour
Guess who waited on bus and took the picture
Another building - this one had offices for Uniformed Secret Service
Poor picture from moving bus of Golden Eagle
Monument taken from (of course) moving bus
Raining at Pentagon