Happy Birthday O.P.
June 2005

Bro. in Law  - Sister - Preacher
Aunt Delsi - Uncle Mason

Aunt Delsi

Bill, I'm Barry, quit calling me Brian



Wanda's Visitor

Melody and her beer and whats his name

The "Visitor"

Brian's Belly

Before the race that never happened
Hi Guy!
Are you kidding me, no way

Hi Guy!
Preacher say's no also

Now that was funny

Jerry, "I can't eat no more, we gotta leave"


Look Bill it's a B1st.Com Cap

And so ends another VERY SHORT visit
from the "Country Cousins".
Y'all come back now, Ya heah

Things overheard at the Party

Eatin high on the hog
Shut-up, y'idiot
I here'd dat
Aht boy's dumber than a box of rocks
Put some gravy on that sum bitch
Ya got sumthun betwixt yer frunt teeth
Be rawt there, ahm brushin mah tooth